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Situated 45km west of Ballarat, Skipton Quarry supplies Ballarat, and surrounding districts, with a full range of Basalt products.

Run by DE Quarry Solutions, Skipton Quarry produces quality materials to meet VicRoads and site specific requirements for crushed rock and screenings. With a large range of commonly stocked materials, Skipton Quarry is equipped to supply any volume of material, either from stock or tailored to your needs.


Readily available materials include the following:

Road Base

Base Course 20mm Class 1

Base Course 20mm Class 2

Base Course 20mm Class 3

Base Course 40mm Class 3

Base Course 20mm Class 4

Wet mix available for classes 1, 2 and 3

3% Cement treated available on 20mm Class 3 Crushed Rock


20mm Aggregate

14mm Aggregate

10mm Aggregate

7mm Aggregate

B Grade

Crusher Dust

20mm NDCR

40mm NDCR

65mm CR

14mm Shoulder Material

Fill Material

Rock Products

Type A Fill 

Gabion Rock

200 Spalls

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