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Safety, Environment & Community


We acknowledge that no other business practice is more important than the safety of our employees. DE Quarry Solutions has an exceptional health and safety record, and we do everything within our control to maintain this.

DE Quarry Solutions respect and actively encourage the right of employees to report any health or safety concerns.

In conducting our operations, we assess the potential safety, health and environmental effects and integrate these considerations into our planning, operational decisions and processes. We endeavour to build safety into every aspect of our work.


Our Approach

We are constantly reviewing and re-assessing our health and safety system which is being continually implemented. The system has been developed to manage the interface between our people and the working environment and to ensure as a minimum, compliance with legislative requirements. It is also intended to deliver a consistent approach to health, safety and environmental management and the sharing of better practice between our various sites.

A critical part of the new health and safety system is the establishment of accountability for all employees, and especially managers, for their health, safety and environmental performance. Managers, in particular, have accountability for ensuring that a strategy for HS&E conformance is prepared and implemented.

Environmental Performance

DE Quarry Solutions is committed to conducting its business responsibly and in a manner designed to protect our employees, adjacent communities and the natural environment. 


Our quarry and extractive processes are licensed facilities and controlled practices which are required to meet the environmental standards set by both State Government.

DE Quarry Solutions strives to understand and control its impact on the environment. Site management systems are integrated with all aspects of the business and all sites have prepared Environmental Improvement Plans.

Our approach to environmental sustainability enables three key areas of environmental performance to be incorporated into operational plans and work processes:

  • Emissions reduction

  • Eco-efficiency

  • Product stewardship

The Skipton Quarry is the holder of Extractive industries Licence No. 1026-2, incorporating responsible operating conditions for the quarrying operation, as well as a rehabilitation plan under Work Authority 139 issued by the Victorian Department of Primary industries. Renewed in early 2012, this work plan is intended to minimise the visual and environmental impact of the operation, assisting DE Quarry solutions to remain committed to the wellbeing of the local community and environment.

As part of our continual improvement plan in regards to the environment, DE Quarry Solutions has just purchased the newly released Caterpillar 980K Wheel Loader that comes with a tier 4 engine. Specifically designed for the European and American markets, the tier 4 emissions rating, far exceeds the requirements here in Australia.


DE Quarry Solutions places a large emphasis on employing local staff to support the region that supports us. As a sponsor of local sport we do our best to keep small communities strong.

As a supplier of goods to the community we are aware of our social responsibilities and duties to the community. Because of this we enforce strict driving conduct for all cartage contactors to abide to. Despite having a highly visible presence within the community, and a noticeable impact on the local community, we are at all times working to lesson that effect on local roads and those effected.

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