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Bulk & Heavy Haulage

DE Quarry Solutions pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the quality of our equipment. With this in mind, our approach to transporting our customers’ equipment is no different. Our large amount of experience in over dimensional transport, loading and unloading a diversity of different equipment and securing irregular objects in a safe manner, DE Quarry Solutions is the company you should trust to transport your equipment.

For bulk haulage DE Quarry Solutions has economical means to transporting your goods. Between B-Doubles, truck and dog and rigid truck configurations we have the ability to stockpile or spread your load as required. Between DE trucks and those of our sub-contractors, we can organise any amount of bulk haulage for delivery in the safest and most economical manner.

With some of our sub-contractors working for our organization for in excess of 30 Years, our reliability to supply material is second to none. 

Listed below are our primary cartage contractor’s:


  • JE Transport

  • Max Burrows Bulk Haulage

  • Whytcross Earthmoving

  • Pitman Contracting

  • Robertson Cartage Pty Ltd

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